There are times when I feel I should have a sign attached to my back--a DO NOT DISTRUB sign. Everyone who knows me, knows I write full time. And everyone who writes knows how much work that involves. Not just the writing, but the research, the studying to become a better writer, the rewriting, edits, managing a website, the blogs, promotions, events...ect.

My friends and family are very supportive of my writing, but have no concept of what it means. They don't think of it as a job, so they feel free to call or drop by at any time to shoot the breeze. If I don't answer the phone or the door because I want to finish a chapter before time for my son to come home from school or I'm working on a deadline, they get angry. I work at home and to them that means I don't really work. Writing is fun. If they had time, they'd write a book. Yeah.

Writers don't have time to write. They push and shove until they make time because it's who they are. For many years I worked full time outside the home and had to make time for writing. People would say to me, "Oh you write in your spare time." What's that? Is it left over time? Time that's just sitting there waiting for me? I've looked and looked for this 'spare time'. It must be hiding because I've yet to find it.

It's funny, before I quit my 'job', and began writing full time, they were very considerate of my time. They 'd call ahead and schedule visits and they only called at times when they thought they wouldn't be distrubing me. That's all changed now. One day last week, it took me five hours to write three paragraphs. During those three paragraphs I had four phone calls and two visitors. This was not unusual, just a typical day.

I'm kind of two sided on how I feel about this. I'm always happy to hear from people and thrilled that they want to see me or talk to me. On the other side of the coin, I'm frustrated that they don't truly respect what I do. How do I handle it? Sometimes if I'm working against a deadline--I hide out, don't answer phones or the door. But over the years I've set priorities and at the top of the list are family and friends. People come first. They must, but every once in a while I'd love to wear a Do Not Distrub Sign.