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    I find it very interesting that my in-laws have an attitude that I (who work full time in a demanding day job AND write at night) have more spare time than my sister in law who is a stay-at-home mother of 3 kids, all school age who have a lot of sports commitments.

    I've never been able to figure that out. Luckily they don't tend to drop in but they do think I can just change plans at a moment's notice to accommodate the latest basketball tournament schedule or some such. Ticks me off sometimes.

    I was always raised that it was an imposition to just "drop by" anyone's house without calling and okaying it first. That it was tatamount to saying I was so important they needed to drop everything to suit my schedule.

    Maybe it's good that I live in the sticks and am growly.
    Growl.......LOL. Maura, I think it's terrible they feel that way. I did that for many years, (demanding day job and writing for mags and newspapers at night and weekends). It was grueling.
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    I get this too and I work full time and write, full time. Two jobs, right? Right. At least that's how I think of it. I treat chats whether live or loop, as part of my job. They're fun, but if I say I'm going to be there, I make sure and show up. However, when I try explaining to my inlaws, outlaws, crooks and thieves, aka MY FAMILY, that we've got to leave because I've got one, they give me this look that I know means. "Why don't you just admit that you're going home to play on the computer?"


    Just because you work from home, doesn't mean your job isn't as important as anyone else's. If you were doing one of those envelope stuffing jobs, it would be the same thing. They'd impose on your time simply because you work at home. Maybe you should leave the house once in a while, write at the park, or a cafe with internet connection. That way they'd see you as someone who did 'have a job' I know it's not fair, but sometimes it takes that, for them to wake up and say, hey, it's real.

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    I feel for you. It must be very frustrating!

    I also write full time but don't have the same frustrations as you. To be honest I'm not sure how I've trained them but the first words out of anyone's mouth are usually something along the lines of "have I interrupted your writing?"

    I'd suggest writing in a cafe or at a library or something like that so you're not available when family and friends ring or pop around for a visit. Or you could tell everyone that you're working during specific hours and won't be available i.e. work office hours each day. I know that doesn't always work if edits arrive unexpectedly but it might make your visitors think.

    Good luck!
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