This prompt comes in two parts. Here's Part One this morning:

Write up to 300 words with absolutely no punctuation. (I did this prompt in my prompt group and one of the members pointed out that capitalization is, in fact, punctuation.) Write the entire thing with no commas, periods, semi-colons, quotation marks, etc. I actually find this one easier to do on paper because my fingers are so used to putting in the punctuation and I type so fast that I almost can't type it without them. Try it with a pen and paper and see what you get (or, heck, go crazy and do it both ways).

Possible subjects: this exercise works well with anything chaotic and fast: a war, the first day of an opening sale, etc.

This is one of my favorite prompts and is from one of the books on my Resources list (see post for Week 3); it's from a book called STEERING THE CRAFT by Usula K. LeGuin. She's amazing, if you haven't come across her work before. Talented, generous, and brilliant.

Give this one a try and then we'll do part two.