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From : Sheila M. Jaworski

A shockingly sweet fairy tale of a princess locked in her tower after kidnapped by a woman who tries to keep her powers a secret and herself forever young, Rapunzel the sweet fairy tale takes a whole new light in this sensual book of love and innocence, Elizabeth Black a famous author brings to life this sweet tale, with the golden girl Rapunzel her hair so long she has to hoist up her own "mother" and down from a tower she has known only since she was a baby takes a spinning turn when Rapunzel see's a man of her dreams, the wanted fairy tale goes from dreams to reality as seeing becomes more than reality. Even from the start the book goes from the original fairy tale to the dreams of a young innocent woman to wanting what she couldn't have. I honestly couldn't put the book down even if i wanted to! It's definitely one of those time treasured books that inspire the heart and will for many generations to come! Love takes many forms but this one is worth every cent to just pick up and read, but remember you might want to make sure you have everything you need before you start reading! I don't receive anything for my reviews and try to be as open as possible this is definitely a book i am going to read over and over and over again!