Joe and Rick are the best brothers a girl could have. They're smart, funny, kind, and they work hard. Though they're seven years apart in age, the brotherly bond between them is unbreakable. Sometimes, they’re wise-cracking smart-asses who argue a subject to death. Other times they’re in complete agreement. They always have each other’s backs, and that of every member of the family. And without my knowing, some of their escapades and quips have worked their way into my Weston Family Series. Others haven’t. Here’s why…

Most times, Joe and Rick are down to earth, tame in their day-to-day living. But other times, they have a devil-may-care attitude. Tales abound of places they can no longer frequent. Of speeding down highways, and rushing to make it over a bridge before the bridge was raised to allow a ship to pass. Then there is the pleasant conversation with an officer that went something like: Officer: Do you know how fast you were going? Brother: Would've been going a lot faster if you hadn't stopped me. And another incident at a drive-thru I won’t print here.

My sister and I often laugh at their escapades. Mom just shakes her head, and Dad, I imagine, smiles proudly. But what can you expect from an Italian family? The same as my readers do when it comes to the Westons; a family who isn’t perfect, who has a grand time recounting someone else’s follies, who bicker and fuss, and who stick together no matter what.

I'm always looking ahead to future books, to characters and plots. I'd love to add more of my brothers' personalities and relationship into stories, and will. Until then… Love ya, Joe and Rick. Thanks for always being there when I need you. You’re the best!