Hi all,
Great to join this wonderful community! I'm a writer of Regency and Regency-set paranormal romance. I've been writing for much longer than I will admit. I was first published by Kensington Zebra Books in 2004 and I'm just now beginning to get my rights back to those books (and republishing them). I'm a strong proponent of self-publishing and have two novels, one novella and a short story out now, and I'm working on getting another novel (one of my original Regencies) out now (just has to be edited and the cover finished, and it's there).
I teach writing at a local college in the continuing ed department. I love every minute of it because I get to meet such terrific, fascinating people. So, naturally, I've got a writing text book that goes along with my classes or can be used instead of being there in person.
And, finally, I do some formatting for other self-publishing authors on the side.
Whew! Along with my teenage kids, husband and garden (now that it's Spring!), I'm getting tired just thinking about all that I do! Say, does anyone have any spare time, they'd like to share? Please? Just half an hour, or five?