Over the weekend I got a cover mock-up for my M/M One Night Stand to be released from Decadent Publishing later this year.

It's called Lover Enslaved, 24 Hours in Mumbai.

Yes, it's set in Mumbai, India!

Here's a snippet:

From his vantage point, he could see the front desk but the fake Ficus tree hid him from view. Allowed him time to think. He was so scared. Scared this would be another rough night, even though he’d begged Madame Eve over and over for just one night with someone different from his regular clients. Someone who’d be there for him. Arjun wrapped his arms around himself and leaned against the wall, his heart racing, his hopes a tangle of nerves.
Oh, Ganesha. Can he really be meant for me?

He opened the crumpled handwritten note he’d received from the beggar once more. “Be at the Castillo Mumbai Hotel tonight, room 759, eight o’clock. As requested, arrangements have been made for your ultimate happiness. E.”

The idea of someone seeing to his happiness flabbergasted him. How could this be true?

In his mind, it would be hard to separate this night from so many others. The hotel was nicer, but it was still a hotel. And a bed, and a man. But this night Madame Eve had promised would be better – the best night of his life. But how? I am only a rent boy. No one cares for my happiness. Especially not Ranjeet. If he catches me here…

Steeling his frazzled nerves, he shoved the note back in his pocket, sucked in a breath and stepped out from behind the tree.

More later,