My contemporary romance Two Out of Three Ain't Bad is now available from Cerridwen Press ~

Aside from the gorgeous, provocative cover, I'd like to think the story is provocative, too--intellectually, emotionally, and sexually. By clicking on the link, you can read a blurb and free excerpt.

Right now, I'm in the unenviable position of working on three (count 'em, three) books. One, like TOOTAB, features an older woman/younger man; one is the ambitious urban fantasy/paranormal that features my delectable wizard, Jackson Spey; and the last is a novel tentatively titled Obsessed, which is actually the third book in the Plagued series. (The second, now completed, is titled Tormented. Although Adin Swift from Plagued does play a significant part in this book, it focuses primarily on his birth mistress, Rahenna.)

So, considering two of these three WIP's are paranormal in nature, I'm hoping All Hallow's Eve gives me an extra dose of inspiration. Beyond that, I'm simply trying to steel myself for winter. (Oh, the dread! How I envy youse guys who live in warmer climes. My S.O.'s parents have it right: Head south in the ol' RV when the first frost hits.)

Have a spookalicious Halloween, kids!