Which emotions make a character/ story most interesting?
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This week, I'm completing FROZEN FURY, book five in the Seven Sin Sisters series. It's been the most difficult to write because the heroine's soul sin is anger which is a bit tricky to turn into love . Deadlines won't wait though so it's fingers to the keyboard for the next five days. I'm thinking "Angry Love" might be where I begin... it could make for some delicious sex scenes.

Seriously though, such a strong emotion like anger can make for a strong emotion like love to be that much more intense. Sometimes when reading a book, I'm grabbed up into the story of a couple who harbor negative feelings for one another before discovering they're in love.

You can check out details on FROZEN FURY and the other books in the Seven Sin Sisters series by clicking here.

TALK TO ME... tel me which emotions you find most compelling in a romance book. Which emotions make a character most real to you? Which emotions make a story most interesting?