Do you enjoy watching reality TV shows? Then you won't want to miss this list of more than 16 novels featuring reality show themes. These books represent a variety of genres including mystery, suspense, romance, young adult, and middle grade books and they explore dance shows, a soap opera, a morning show, dating shows, a food show, adventure shows, and lots more.

The full list of authors is:
Stacy Juba
Gemma Halliday
Amanda Brice
Leslie Langtry
Chanta Rand
Karl Fields
Christi Barth
Kimberly Kinkaid
Lois Winston
Elaine Raco Chase
Liz Talley
Heather Thurmeier
Lucy Burdette

I will be featuring spotlights of each book, as well as hosting interviews with contestants from hit shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, Top Chef, Bachelor Pad, So You Think You Can Dance, Splash, and lots more.

I hope you'll stop by to check out the list! Links to contestant interviews will be added to the post as they become available.