Michael, Officer Hunky, from Arrested Holiday, has upended his world for the love of his life, Holli. After sustaining a long distance relationship for a couple of years and racking up a ton of frequent flyer miles, Michael has finally landed a job as a detective with the Atlanta Police Department. On a rare night off, he's able to take in the final in a three game series between the hometown Atlanta Braves and his favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Holli is waiting for him decked out in full Braves regalia, only her plan isn't to watch the game as much as it is to keep Michael's attention all on her. As soon as he takes his seat, Holli can't stop trash talking the game on the field nor can she keep from making references to her urgent need for sex with Michael. Unable to concentrate on baseball and realizing that Holli isn't going to stop until he takes her in hand, Michael produces handcuffs and gives her the right to remain silent.

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