Hello all. We are looking for books such as the following:1. Military
For this, I will accept any format; novels, novellas and novelettes for the collaborative book (if we end up with enough stories for it).
The idea behind this one is to talk about military experience or anything to do with being a veteran and so forth. It could also be historical military accounts if you wish. I'm planning on this series to be available for Labor Day.

2. Paranormal/Supernatural
Looking for novels, novellas and novelettes. This series will be for Halloween time. They can be any genre (ie romance, fantasy, sci-fi etc) as long as they have paranormal/supernatural theme.

3. DIY (do it yourself) Arts and Crafts:
Looking for novellas and novelettes. These are geared towards the holidays.
Halloween Crafts; August 1
Thanksgiving Crafts: September 1
Christmas Crafts: October 1

if you want to do a book on crafts for all 3 holidays, the deadline is: August 1

Also, if you want to do a craft book for kids, that is fine, but make sure all crafts in that book are just for children. Mostly, however, I'm looking for adult crafts for decorating and such.

Pictures of some of the crafts are highly encouraged. It would be best if you took pictures of your crafts on your own, but make sure they are high quality and in jpeg format. You can use royalty-free images if you want.

4. Cook Books - recipes
Looking for novelettes or novellas.
Halloween: August 1
Thanksgiving Crafts: September 1
Christmas Crafts: October 1

If you want to do a book of recipes that includes all of the above holidays, the deadline is: August 1

Again, as with the crafts, pictures are highly encouraged.

I am also looking for unique recipe books, such as a book that incorporates traditional meals from different cultures such as for Hanukkah and such.

These are some of the programs I am starting, but I'm sure I'll have some more coming up too. There is not a limit to how many books will be available for each category. In other words, I'm not only going to accept one book from each category. I am only going to accept well-written and informative ones of course, but if we have 10 in each category that are good, then that's great

As always, submit FINISHED works via the website at www.kellanpublishing.com by clicking on the 'submit' tab. The formatting guidelines are there as well.

I would love it, though, if you are interested in writing any of the books above to please let me know so that I can get an idea of what might be coming in.

Other books needed
Let's get the party started! I am accepting submissions on novels, novellas and novelettes (for the collaborative books) on every genre we have. If there isn't a genre listed, feel free to suggest it. Just a note, I'm not looking for children's books at this time, but hopefully will at a later date. Children's books are an entirely different market.

Here are some of the genres I'm looking for in novels, novellas and novelettes:

Science Fiction
Comedy Horror
DIY (do it yourself)
Health and Fitness
Diet and Nutrition

Again, submit them through the website following the format. Only finished manuscripts please; no work in progress or ideas.