sarahssoldier_image_7_ Out this Friday.jpgI was very excited to find out that Sarah's Soldier is #4 on the Best Sellers list at Total-E-Bound this week and achieved this while still on pre-release. To celebrate this and the release of Sarah's Soldier I would love to give away one PDF copy. Does anyone want to read about Sarah and Dylan? Just tell me the name of the first book in my series. The winner will be chosen at random. For book 6 in my League of Love series the main character Sarah is a digi-chick – meaning she handles the social media for the Jets rugby league team. I really enjoyed writing Sarah’s story because I love that female involvement with male sport is slowly on the rise in Australia. My sister is a sports journalist and I have a couple of female friends who are real life digital and social media managers for rugby league teams – they receive a thankyou in my dedication. A young man my children grew up with is a serving soldier. While I am grateful that he has not had to endure what my hero Dylan went through it did give me the idea to highlight the sacrifices young men and woman make when they join the services.>>>>>>>>