sarahssoldier_image_2.jpg Image number 2 for my new release promotion campaign from Total-E-Bound. I love these postcards. They came at a great time as I needed to lift my spirits. I had to make the heart-breaking decision to put our 14 year old dog to sleep. Poor thing was suffering and I know I did the right thing but sometimes being an adult really sucks to put it plainly. Here is another 18+ excerpt from Sarah's Soldier. “No more, Dylan…I can’t take it anymore,” she whimpered. “I need to feel you inside me, filling me, stretching me. Get your pants off, Soldier. I want you naked and in my bed pronto…and that’s an order.”

Sarah’s giggle and salute did something to Dylan. Something inside his chest fluttered—it was all he could do not to rub at the feeling. She was so sexy—standing in front of him, her cheeks high with colour, her skirt bunched around her waist with her pussy in full view and her breasts only covered by that sheer bra. He wanted to be inside her more than his next breath.

“Yes, ma’am… At once, ma’am,” Dylan replied as he started to shuck his clothes. That was one thing about being in the army—you learnt to dress and undress quickly. Combat didn’t wait for you to get ready. So Dylan was standing naked in no time, waiting for Sarah to show him the way to her bed. Just the thought of Sarah and bed had his cock pulsating.
“What about you, Red? Seems to me you’re still wearing way too much clothing yourself.”
“Follow me, Soldier. We’ll lose it on the way,” Sarah purred, her voice soft and sultry as she started unzipping her skirt and kicking her shoes off. “You’ll be pleased to know that while my apartment is small, I splurged on the bed… It’s a king size. Plenty of room for fun and games.”>