sarahssoldier_image_6.jpg I feel so sorry for Sarah in this image - I'm glad I know the end of the story. Lol! Not long now until Sarah's Soldier releases. I've had a busy week. I booked a holiday to Europe months ago but had not received any documents from the travel agent. It took two hours to sort through all the paperwork but finally it's all systems go. I finally set up my author page on Facebook and have had fun posting some naughty pictures of footy players highlighting some of Sydney's most famous landmarks. My poor puppy's ashes returned to us inside beautiful silver dog paws - one for each member of the family, and a rock to place in the garden Here is the excerpt that ties in with this teaser. Dylan walked the familiar route to Sarah’s desk, having done it many times in that two weeks before he had abandoned her. She was sitting exactly where he had imagined she would be, but her head was down, resting on her arms as he approached. He stopped a few feet before her and after taking a steadying deep breath, Dylan stepped onto the path that hopefully, with Sarah’s forgiveness, would ensure the future he so badly wanted.
“Sarah, can I talk to you, honey?” Dylan started off, his voice carrying all the uncertainty he was feeling. He waited for what seemed an eternity before Sarah moved. Dylan was starting to wonder whether she was sleeping and hadn’t heard him, when finally she lifted her head. Her brown eyes, filled with anguish, bored a hole through his heart. God, I’ve missed her was Dylan’s first thought. Then he noticed the dark shadows that lay beneath her eyes and cursed himself, convinced that he had been the cause. Second, Dylan noticed that Sarah was not wearing her nose ring—in fact, many of the metal adornments usually on her face were now absent.
“What do you want, Dylan?” Sarah asked. Dylan thought her voice sounded weary, as though she was resigned to the knowledge that he was going to make her life more difficult. If Dylan had not been one hundred per cent convinced that he loved her enough to make things right for them—no matter what it took—and that he would love her forever, he would have turned and walked away immediately.That was how obviously the pain he had caused her was written on her features and in her posture. Dylan had the perverse notion that he should go and let every damn one of the Jets players take a swing at him to punish him for the damage he had done, the hurt he had caused. He would happily accept any pain just to have her in his life. “You,” he whispered, as the rollercoaster of emotions he was experiencing stole his voice.“You had me once, and you walked away.”
“It was the worst decision I’ve ever made, Sarah. I’m so very sorry. I was a coward, was scared to love you, give you the power to cause me pain—and yet I managed to bring about that pain all by myself, to you and to me. I’m willing to do anything to make up for it. Anything, if you’d just give me a chance to make it right, to show you how much you mean to me, how much I needyou, how much I love you.”
Dylan had thought that the worst thing he’d experienced had been dragging bodies from the bomb blast, not knowing if another was about to be triggered by his own foot or even the initial blast itself. But that paled incomparison to the fear that gripped his heart as Sarah’s expression showed no hint of change, of her accepting his apology and letting him back into her life.

He needed a way to show Sarah that his words were true, that she was all he would ever need to live along and happy life. Maybe in time she would begin to trust him, believe that he was going to be with her for the duration. But first she had to agree to let him try, and the longer it took for Sarah to say anything, the easier it got for Dylan to imagine the worst.
Her head was spinning, thoughts slamming through her mind one after another, confusing her. Go to him, love him, give him a chance—only to be overpowered by, Don’t do this to yourself, don’t give him the power to hurt you again, send him away! He has too much pain and baggage.You’re not strong enough—you only just managed to survive him last time. Then those negative responses were quickly replaced again with encouragement. He said he loves you, needs you. Go to him, admit you are miserable without him. If you don’t give him a chance you will regret it for the rest of your life. Buy Links Donna’s Links.