Will the dedicated teacher follow the Special OpsCop's lead?

Tags: classically trained violist, dedicated teacher, Special Ops Cop, biological daddy drama, New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina

LikeSlow Sweet Molasses

Scene: Angela accepted Chance's request for a movie/dinner date.

The matter was out of her hands as he towed her to the elbow-bumping dance floor, showed her his pearly whites and literally kicked his right heel behind to tap his left hand, falling right in step with the flow.

“It’s easy.”

Dancing them to a less crowded area to slow his moves down for her to catch on, Chance deciphered some of the looks his colleagues cast their way as mere curiosity.The heated intensity of others echoed the direction of their silent thoughts signifying to him to make his intent clear. So, he gently encircled her waist, an apropos action declaring his infatuation for all to see.

Angela, stumbling along, thrown off by the timing of it all because her soul showed through, let go of her self-consciousness to master the dance. Before long, she giggled as she dipped, wiggled and shook, out cowboying the cowboys and girls whooping it up on the floor. The fun she never expected to have shone brightly in her laughing eyes that enveloped him. The music dropped to a softer level, simultaneously slowing the tempo and Chance crushed her to his chest in response.

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Will Angela continue to go with the flow?

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