How does Veronica react toMike's spontaneous kiss?
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Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker

WidowVeronica Torres needs something desperately—invisibility. Escaping the clutches of her conniving brother-in-law and traveling incognito in the RV she traded for online sets her on a collision course with her new destiny, and a barreling fiery-red 18-wheeler.

Trucker Mike Masterson steams at the close call. First, he nearly sideswipes her. Now,she ends up at the same rest stop with mechanical trouble. Maybe, she deserves to sweat it out in the June heat since she has the attention span the size of a pea. But, the child in her company deserves better. What else can Mike do besides cart them to his garage for repairs?

Will their burgeoning relationship ignite more fireworks than the upcoming Fourth of July celebration? Or will the sparks of six nights and seven days of summertime sizzle—fizzle to an end?

Veronica and Mike try to wind down after a horrific event that happened in the wee hours of the morning tests her trust in him.

Distress entered her eyes.

“I’m sorry for dredging up sad memories. Losing your love is heart-stopping.”

His chair scraped when he sat. “You say that like you’ve been there.”

She sighed. “I have.”

Veronica seemed to spend a few private moments back in time. Her look expressed deepest sympathies better than any spoken words. Tiredness etched her face as the wee hours of the morning shed its darkness. The rumble outside lassoed Mike’sattention.

“That’s one of my drivers coming in.” Mike left the table for a look across the yard. He drank from his cup while watching the truck limp to a stop. “That doesn’t look good.”

Veronica joined him at the window. “All the more reason for me to get out of your hair.”

“I meant it when I said you’re not in the way here.” He faced her now. “Don’t make a drastic decision you’ll regret.”

“Too late,” she whispered.

“Regrets about the trade, huh?”

“If only you knew.”

Mikeg ulped the last dregs of his coffee. “I think I have a problem I need to solve.”

“I’ll take that.” Her reach for his mug brushed his hand.

“Thanks,”Mike said, his concentration glued on other matters now. He paid scant attention, absently let go of his cup, and pecked her a spontaneous good-bye on the lips. The feathery touch shocked him. “Veronica!” He was embarrassed. “I–I—”

Her eyes were as wide as saucers.

“Please forgive me. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Mike,it’s okay. No harm done.” She put distance between them.

“Here I am, trying to convince you I’m trustworthy, and I do a boneheaded thing like that.”

“You aren’t going to jump my bones when I turn my back, are you, Mike?”

Her question alarmed him. “Hell no!”

“Okay.”Veronica snickered. “It’s forgotten.”

With that, Mike rushed out of the kitchen, mumbling to himself as he went. But he was long out of earshot for her to understand what he said. He beat up on himself. Twenty-four hours in Veronica’s company and she had rattled the bars jailing his heart.

Mike loped on toward the garage. He was hesitant to look back, yet he was unable to fight her allure. He took the chance.

Veronica waved. He ducked behind his truck. A hasty peek let him see she’d gotten the hint and vacated the window.

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