I'm glad you're interested enough to stop in! Thank you! I've had so many readers want to know what happens to my characters from Never Surrender because I really didn't say at the end of the book. I purposely left it open so I could one day write the sequel if readers wanted one. Well...you do and thank you for that!

Although it won't be available until late 2014, I've started on it and will be bringing back a few of the secondary characters in addition to the two main characters. If you've not read the first book, check it out on my website
HERE where you can read Chapter One and read an excerpt. My readers have helped get my books noticed by word of mouth and online to their friends and I thank you all for that! It makes me want to write all day everyday, I just wish that were possible but I do try to write a little each day!

The best way to stay connected to me is by visiting my blog, website, FaceBook, and newsletter. Those link are on my website above and I hope to see a few of you subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you so much for you interest and please leave a comment here if you'd like to chat. I'll be checking back often for any responses! Until then, keep reading!