I wanted to announce my new release with Amira Press. It's a new panther shifter series called, The New Breed. Book one is Crave which was just released.

Buy it here : http://www.amirapress.com/index.php?...roducts_id=416

Here's What it's about:

After a chance encounter in the African jungle as children, Zahara Nnembia and Jackson Weiland become permanent fixtures in each other’s memories. When their paths cross again as adults, it’s a meeting that leads them on a collision course with their true destiny.

Zahara’a panther pack is being slaughtered, and she takes it upon herself to figure out why. She enlists the help of Dr. Jackson Weiland, now a respected expert on shape shifters, to help her solve the mystery. Jackson is all too willing to help the sexy shifter. But just when things heat up between them, Jackson discovers a secret that will change his life forever.

Here's an excerpt:

Jackson hadn’t anticipated that the restaurant where he chose to meet Zahara would be crowded on a rainy, Thursday afternoon, but it was. The waterfront steakhouse was brimming with patrons, and the murmur of their combined chatter rattled his ears. He gritted his teeth while following the hostess to Zahara’s table. Maybe they should go somewhere else. Where they can be alone. No. That was a bad idea. His attraction to Zahara was so immediate that if he hadn’t had a class yesterday, he would’ve taken her on his desk in his office. And that wasn’t like him.
Zahara was seated at a round table in the center of the room. She stood when he approached. Jackson smiled at her. Her body looked amazing in the green knit dress she wore. The color made her hazel eyes sparkle, her milk chocolate skin shimmer. Once their eyes connected, it seemed like they were the only ones in the room. The moment reminded him of the girl in Zaire. He stiffened. Could it be? Nah. It was too coincidental. Still, his heart thundered in his chest as he reached out to hug her.
“Thank you for meeting me here,” Jack said.
“I should be thanking you.”
Jackson released her but her scent stayed with him. It reminded him of those tall blades of grass in Zaire, but with a hint of honeysuckle. He noticed that even in her heels, she only came to his shoulder. She took her seat across from him and smiled. A waiter appeared to take their drink orders and disappeared just as quickly. Though he glanced at the menu, Jackson couldn’t concentrate on the words.
“You look nice,” Zahara said.
Jackson glanced down at his navy sweater and jeans. “Thanks. As do you.”
The waiter reappeared with their iced teas. They both ordered the porterhouse special, but Zahara ordered hers rare while Jackson ordered his medium-rare. When the waiter left, Jackson tried to imagine what her panther looked like. Was she as majestic as the ones in Zaire? He pushed the thought from his mind before he asked her to shift in the middle of the restaurant.
There was something about Zahara that made his dick spring to life in his pants. It wasn’t just that she was beautiful, or that she had a killer body and a scent that drove him insane. It was as if his soul was hunting hers, waiting for an opening to pounce on her and mark her as his own. Jack pushed the thought out of his mind. He wasn’t an animal. He was a human. “Your card said you’re a writer?” Jackson asked.
“Tech manuals. Web content. I hope to do fiction one day. Or maybe teach like you.”
“It’s a thankless job. The students think they know more than you. The university ties your hand with so much red tape.”
“But, you seem to love it.”
“It allows me to do what I love.”
“Studying shifters?”
Jackson nodded. What he wouldn’t give to study her up close and personal. He sipped his drink to quench his thirst. “What did you think of ‘The Hidden Species’?”
“It was brilliant.”
“Did I get anything wrong?”
Zahara shook her head. “It amazed me how right you got it. You said your interest was piqued in Zaire? When your family came in contact with panthers?”
“Yes. I’ll never forget that day. Or that girl. I wonder where she is.”
“She’s sitting across from you.”