Please post your homework results for Lesson 1 and any questions you have here. Here are the answers to the homework for Lesson 1:
Verb Base Present participle Past Past participle
1. Eat Eat Eating Ate Eaten
2. Cut Cut Cutting Cut Cut
3. Drug Drug Drugging Drugged Drugged
4. Sleep Sleep Sleeping Slept Slept
5. Drive Drive Driving Drove Driven
6. Hurry Hurry Hurrying Hurried Hurried
7. Dive Dive Diving Dived, dove Dived
8. Hit Hit Hitting Hit Hit
9. Read Read Reading Read Read
10. Swim Swim Swimming Swam Swum
11. Sneak Sneak Sneaking Sneaked Sneaked
12. Drink Drink Drinking Drank Drunk
13. Drag Drag Dragging Dragged Dragged
14. Run Run Running Ran Run
15. Write Write Writing Wrote Written
16. Do Do Doing Did Done
17. See See Seeing Saw Seen
18. Break Break Breaking Broke Broken
19. Bring Bring Bringing Brought Brought
20. Have Have Having Had Had
21. Show Show Showing Showed Shown
22. Swing Swing Swinging Swung Swung
23. Dress Dress Dressing Dressed Dressed
24. Forget Forget Forgetting Forgot Forgot, forgotten
25. Wish Wish Wishing Wished Wished
26. Text Text Texting texted or text, too early to say texted or text, too early to say