Dirty Birdies Flock Hop : Theme for this hop is: EYE CANDY!

It's my favorite kind of candy!
Oh So Yummy but still Fat Free!
Come and check out the different flavors and a little sample of what's inside each wrapper...
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For this hop there will be a variety of prizes and the grand prize is a $100.00 gift card.
Contest runs from 6/25-6/27

Here's one of the flavors and a small sample

Tex McCoy (Fatal Promise)

He shook his head. “You can fight me all you want,” he said, tightening his hold and then brushing his lips over her ear, which began to burn from the heat of his breath, “but mark my words, darlin’. I'll always win.”
She bowed her head, and his cheek swept against hers. His scent filled her as she reached his ear and whispered, “Win? This isn’t a game, Tex. I’m not playing with you.”
“No?” He arched back and gazed down at her. “Let me inform you that every time you bring out that tough-girl act, it’s game on, baby.”
Charger may have bucked and neighed behind her, but it was the promise in Tex’s eyes that frightened her. “Let go of me!” she demanded.
“Oh, I will.” He gazed at her beneath heavy lids. “But it’s gonna cost ya.”
“What? Cost me what?”
“A kiss from that sassy mouth of yours.”
“You’re going to charge me for my freedom?”
“No.” His eyes lowered to her mouth before he dragged them back up to hers. “Think of it as a reward for your…compliance...” Click for more info