My name is Carole Avila. I've wanted to be a writer since I was 3 years old after reading my first romance, Go, Dog. Go! where on the last page two dogs drive off into the sunset. I really wanted to know where they were going. I was severely criticized on my first story in 1st grade and vowed never to write again, but did in secret. As an adult I received permission from my best friend who, on her death bed, told me I was called to be a writer. She made me promise to write. My first novel, Eve's Amulet, Book 1, is a time-travel adventure romance and may be released mid-August (still waiting on official word) with Black Opal Books. I have a contract for a non-fiction book entitled, The Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse with Spout Hill Press. I am looking forward to connecting with other writers, to learning brilliant ways to market my work, and to fulfilling my dream of becoming an international best-selling financially successful author. Sincerely, Carole Avila