Forgive me if I already did the introduce. All the kids moved back home, one with their entire family in tow as they house hunt. *sigh* During a moment of empty nest syndrome, we adopted. THEN they all decide to return home. LOL So, we're back to a house FULL of children. (no matter how old they are.) *wink* I'm Bobbi Romans, live in Florida, am from VA, (outside the DC area) have been on a talk show, woke up to ferrets in my bed and can proudly say my biggest accomplishment was saving a life. Apparently, if we aren't related, I react well in an emergency. If we are, my feet root with fear. I thank my VA education for being able to help, as they had mandatory 1st aid classes that included the when and how to use a tourniquet among many other first aid instructions. Books? I have two recent releases. Under the Full Moon Bk 2 in the Swamp Magic Series a Fantasy Romance, and Table for Three-Hold the Blood and Erotic Horror cross genre. Coming at the end of the year I have to holiday themed contemporaries. Nov- An American Holiday-Turkey, Cranberry Sauce & Prozac which takes place in W. Va and includes a recipe from my great grandmother. Then Dec 13th- A Christmas of Coal & Mistletoe. A short romantic tale of new beginnings and Christmas Miracles. Currently, Bk 1 in the Swamp Magic series is available in print OR is on ebook sale for $1.99. So...tell me about you? Where are you from? Any Trubies out there? - Bobbi Romans