The way Mike dressed out a pair of boxer swim trunks was ridiculous.

It was eleven thirty in the morning on the Fourth of July. The festivities were well underway, with Veronica hiding out in her room, sneaking a look at some of the visitors on the beach. She delayed making an appearance primarily because Camile had seen her clandestine entrance after the intimate time she’d shared with Mike. It seemed Camile chose to make a bathroom visit at precisely the moment she tiptoed in. To make matters worse, Mike came into the house right on her heels, and made no bones about being quiet about it.

Veronica’se yes closed in unbelievable, giddy remembrance. They opened in time to see Mike rise out of the frothy waves after his swim. He loomed over everyone while sharing his most charming smile. He bent to grab his towel and wiped himself down, all the while carrying on a conversation. The colorful beach towel glided over his body, bringing her attention to the discolored scars on his upper arms and chest. She had to hop out of sight when he started his trot toward the front of the house, past her door. The way he dressed out a pair of boxer swim trunks was ridiculous. She couldn’t take her eyes away.

“Can we go now?”

Sam was chomping at the bit to join the fun.

“In a minute, baby.”

She wasn’t anxious to face father or daughter right now. Just thinking back on those glorious moments with Mike made her blush. Veronica never imagined in her wildest dreams her getaway would become her giveaway. Family always teased that she didn’t have a spontaneous bone in her body. Well, that couldn’t be said about her after this morning.

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