All the people out there who are in the know have said many times to newer writers, "Pick a genre and stick with it." I find it impossible to follow this advice. I never have to look very far for story ideas--no farther than my head. They're constantly spinning around in there and they are not always the same genre. So, I've decided to stick with romance because there are so many sub genres, which brings me to the erotic romance.

I'd never written romantica, but always wanted to give it a shot. So about a year ago I wrote Shadow Lover. There's an excerpt at my site for anyone who may be interested. At present I'm cleaning up the first draft. The problem is, I don't believe it will ever go over with readers of this type of romance. While writing it, I felt good about it, but recently I've been reading excerpts at not only my own publisher's group, but others as well. WOW! Those excerpts are steaming.

I'm afraid mine is much too tame in comparison, so I may have to do more rewriting to bring it up to snuff in the erotic gategory or rewrite it as a reular paranormal romance. Whenever anyone has time, I'd appreciate you telling me just what you look for in erotic romance?