Just a little info about me. I am a novice writer with a book that has been submitted countless times. I have placed it on that back burner because I do not want to edit it out anymore due to taking away from the story. I have a second book almost done editing and I will submit it to my agent and see where it goes.

I am a blogger and I am usually pretty good about keeping it done up at least weekly,but lately with work and all I have neglected it. I am in the process of getting it updated.

I am a mom to three grown children and a grandmother to five and a great grandmother to one. And people do not believe me when I tell them this. But it's true.

I work full time and it is in the evening and on weekends I try to write. So many ideas that they have to be sorted out to figure out where they belong.

Feel free to ask me questions. If I know the answers I'll reply. LOL