4 books from For the Love of Bookends
"[Soana] does a remarkably amazing job with this story. I think everyone should try it if they aren't afraid of real emotions."

Racing to Read says:
"For a quick story full of goodness that will pull at your heart strings give this one a try."

Paws and Print says:
"Soana captures her emotions beautifully. At the end, Southern Embrace is a beautiful tale of a woman triumphing over adversity. She weaves a picture of what it is really like to put past hurts aside and open up your heart once

Rose Wynters says:
"The book is very romantic, realistic, and even heartbreaking at parts, not to mention extremely steamy as well!
Tamaria Soana can definitely write romance! I really enjoyed how much action she covered in her book… And how much emotion and plot she could pack within the pages."