Hello viewers, I was one of the authors that posted on True Romance Studio website on July 25th,. I hope you were able to join us at that time. I talked about my poetry collection "Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between," my upcoming books, (there are six of them being released within the next year), and posted some of my poems and paintings that can be viewed and purchased on my website Books and Paintings by JoAnne or http://www.booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com

My next posting will be on July 29th, on the True Romance Studio (TRS) and on July 31st, on the Roses of Proses website. August 9th, TRS party, and August Summer bash release party from August 11-17. On these sites, viewers have a chance to win free prizes including new release books. It is really a lot of fun for readers. I hope you join me and the other authors at these time.

BLOOD TIES- word count 15, 902
After the mysterious disappearance of twenty-six year old wife and mother Lisa Smalley, her twin, Attorney Audra Roper, begins having dark and disturbing visions of Lisa’s disappearance.
After taking on Lisa’s identity to flush out the person responsible for Lisa’s disappearance, Audra is thrown into a series of perils. Trying to survive while looking for Lisa, Audra’s life becomes a roller coaster of risks, heartbreak, and intrigue.

THE HAUNTING OF BARB MARIE- word count 9,845
Even as a child, Barb Marie saw dead people, which terrified her parents. With no one to talk to about her gift/curse, Barb kept her secret to herself. This took an unhealthy toil on her throughout her childhood and young adulthood.

SUMMER WIND-word count 13,039
When twenty-nine year old Ginger discovers the old mansion Summer Wind, she is mysteriously drawn to it. She and her second husband thirty year old Mike purchase the home and the family moves in unbeknown to them the place is haunted by evil spirits. Immediately, the haunting’s have a negative and profound effect on the family.

THE LEGEND OF LAKE MANOR-word count 8,297
For the young psychic Cassandra Lopez, coming to the infamous haunted mansion Lake Manor, was more like a mission. She knew the Manor and its employees needed her help to rid the home of specters, consisting of a young a slave boy, two wrongfully hanged men, a ballerina, a thieving bartender, and a pregnant woman.

THE APARTMENT-word count 5,188
When young newlyweds Bill and Gayle move into their new apartment, their lives are plagued with sightings of evil ghosts that threaten their marriage and lives. Not until they contact a psychic and rid the home of its murdered occupants does the couple find peace and happiness.

DARK VISIONS-word count 5,170
When Carrie Reynold’s starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty year disappearance of her father.


Little does 17 year old Zoe, realize, but the Chupracabra followed her to Ohio from South America. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.
When all game warden Daren Abram, had to worry about was which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the realization that he has a killer cougar stalking his town. Little does the handsome bachelor realize, but the killer he seeks, is the reincarnation of the town’s legend.

For teenage mermaid Constance, coming to the quaint seaside town of Willowick, is heavenly, until she falls for mortal boy Drake.
When she realizes the entire human population of Willowick is on the menu, she chooses between her kind and the boy and town she loves.

Apiologist 34-year-old Duncan McPherson goes to Circleville, Ohio, to investigate a series of mysterious bee attacks. From Sheriff Jennifer Poole, Duncan, discovers several bodies found with the victims drained of their youth.

Incarcerated in the abandoned Roseville jail, is the last thing rich college student and speeder Brice Conrad, needs. With an “agreement” between the town and a permanent demonic “guest”, only the unfortunate ones know the truth, but do not live to tell.

When an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean’s office, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways, with the college’s mascot a Viking King statue jokingly blamed for it.

When young Lycan Sonny Red Blanket, a Shawnee Indian falls for mortal girl Drenda Way, he must save her from his fellow Lycan’s and stop a werewolf uprising.

When 32-year-old Vinton County Sheriff, James “Jim“ Connors, discovers he has a Mothman hunting in his county, he stops at nothing to save his citizens.

Handsome bachelor and Scientist Alex Anderson from the thirtieth century, returns to the Civil War with time serum to save his beloved Ginnie Wade from a snipers bullet, while finding a roller coaster ride of joy and perils.

A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in 1873.

The rough and ready cowboy John Queenie gets the shock of his life, when the ad to break a “wild filly” turns out to be a fiery Quaker girl named Tess. This is a story proving love conquers all.


In this bleak life of mine,
I walk the dark alleys of broken dreams.
A darkened corridor of lost tomorrows,
within a collage of unraveled seams.
My life simmered like a bad stew.
Hidden within a clutter of tear stained cheeks.
Living in darkness, an unbridled soul.
Torn between life and death, my future seemed bleak.
Despair cowered behind my eyes.
Once beautiful, I was left aged and alone.
Reflections in my sea of tears,
reminded me I was forgotten and solitary.
Stumbling over common life hurdles,
like a babe learning to crawl.
Losing everything to my lustful addictions,
of fear, failure, and shame.
Lost control of what was mine.
That poison controlled me for a while.
It felt bad and made me cry.
As emotional pain went on for miles.
I found courage with family and friends.
No more shadows, cold or rain.
The venom that once ruled my life,
is a faded memory I achieved through strife.

I wait patiently with the others,
and pray they choose me.
The one with the children and rent to pay.
The one who searches the want ads each day.
The one who will make beds or answer the phones.
The one who has three kids and lives on her own.
There’s only room for one more,
as another unwanted is discarded through the door
Each one with the look of fear or joy on their face.
All hoping for the same small slim chance.
Are they here, because they must?
Some seem so out of place.
They stab our hearts with another hope,
of cruel words I don’t want to hear.
They say they are here to help,
but offer nothing solid for under the belt.
The uncertainty I had, now subsides to lust.
My dreams of a job, now turns to dust.
So I put on my happy fake face.
The one that gets me through all the long days.
I wipe off the tears before I walk through the door.
My life has never seemed so empty before.
I tell my babies I love them and that life is unfair.
Then go about my life, pretending I don’t care.
Reality has now completely taken hold.
I’ve already spend the money from everything I’ve sold.
My head is spinning, don’t know what to do.
Cant give up though, ‘cause my kids are to precious to lose.
My fear of failure was not my imagination.
As my inner voice says you’re a beautiful creature.
The world is an evil place, filled with pain, hate, must.
My day was fruitless, filled with perfect disgust.
They stand there gloating at my futile attempt,
to provide for my children and earn a living.
A evil smile slashes across their face,
like an infected wound.
Their masterpiece is complete.
They can move on to their next evil feat.
No remorse, no regret, not a single trace.
Just breaking spirits in their usual hostile ways.
Shadowed by pain, I slowly melt.
Nowhere to go, nothing to do.
Only aggravation and loneliness felt.
My life left empty, with nothing to lose.
Suffocating, I fall into seethe.
Falling as my world crumbles.
I’m left wanting to believe, searching for hope.
Like an acrobat walking an unraveling tight rope.
I call to those I’ve hurt.
Leaving a message ‘remember me.’
I've done things I want to forget.
A obstruction I've tried to avert.
I crawl out of the past,
finding a way at last.
To rise up instead of fall.
Destroying this dreadful brick wall.
See me now, strong and brave.
For I will never be hurt again.
I know I will adhere,
shedding this torment and pain.
The one I see in the mirror,
is someone, special and kind.
I now focus on what I am after,
moving forward, to the next chapter.
The sunset glimmers sweetly,
like the smile of a child.
Colors all ablaze,
sending chills up my spine.
But don’t fall in love,
fore its beauty does last but a short while.
Listen to its envious sigh,
as it cowers behind the horizon.
Singing its sweet song of women and men.
Warning the moon is nigh.
Dissolving into the darkness,
the light no longer there.
It is the source of mystery,
in an irreplaceable history.
The brilliance of its colors, vibrant, divine.
Taking all the hues, leaving an empty sky behind.
Sad does it make me-until a new day.
When I may gaze upon its sisterly sunrise haze.
When I look into her eyes,
I see things no one else can.
I see her love of motherhood,
that makes her happy she chose to have children.

I see this desperate need for privacy,
to allow time for herself.
I see this eagerness,
that makes her try new things.

I see these thoughts of courage,
that make her content with living alone.
I see smiles of joy,
when she is surrounded by loved ones.

I see this devotion to Jehovah,
that makes her not fear death.
I see a strong courageous person,
and I love the person I always see. Me!
My newly released poetry collection, “Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between” is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into the heart, mind and soul, of its author. It is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others. Some poems were written in times of sorrow, other poems were written in times of joyous celebration. Life if like that.

“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between,” is available at

My upcoming novels from Melange Books are:
“MURDER MOST FOUL,” a crime/detective book due out July 2013
"WICKED INTENTIONS" a paranormal/mystery anthology due out September 2013
"LOVES', MYTHS' AND MONSTERS'," a fantasy anthology due out January 2014
“FLAGITIOUS,” a crime and paranormal novella collection
Other books soon available:
"THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY," a biography true-crime
"TWISTED LOVE," a true-crime anthology


Buy link and blurbs from upcoming releases from Melange author JoAnne Myers
My newly released poetry collection, Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between, is available at
http://www.amazon.com/dp/147837022x Inspired by nature, inspiration, spiritualism, and family, it is a heartwarming read written with love and respect for others.

My original canvass paintings, can be found at Books and Paintings by JoAnne or http://www.booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com