Well, this is my first post and I just wanted to start off by saying hello and thanks to Keri Arthur. I've completly fallen in love with Riley and her world.

In here I just wanted to post some of my random thoughts and feelings from the book...

I find the Wolves sexual freedom very refreshing, it's nice not to have to deal with the human hangups about sex and relationships.

I 've noticed that vampires tend to be divided into two type or classes, the kind who wash and the kind who do not was, lol!

Now about Quinn and Kellen, I love Quinn to death but he needs to open up. At first all the cloak and dagger stuff with him seemed to be very interesting and mysterious, however it has become very annoying. Though I suppose it is all part of his personality. It is hard to live in a relationship without trust (believe me I know) and that is the postion he has put Riley in. It does help he drop dead (literally) gorgeous and filthy stinking rich but that can only go so far, I wish someone could kick some sense into him... Perhaps he just needs grow a little (sorta weird considering he's a 1200 year old vamp)

Kellen, how do I put this... sorta rubbed me in so the wrong way. At first I liked him, a strong, handsome, rich wolf that wanted all the same things our heroine wants but then he slowly started to slide down hill with his continued demands to go solo, his ever growing possesiveness (slightly charming but very alarming), I hated the fact that he basically told Riley that he would all but force her to stop working at a point, and his overwelming need to protect. It wasn't as if Riley lied to him, she came into the relationship letting him know how her job was, what it required, ect. She let him know what she was, that she was stronger and faster, she let him know that there would be things he would be unable to protect her from and that she didn't want his protection, only wanted his love. But noooooooo that wasn't enough for him. Then after all this, Riley finally makes an attempt to conquer her fears and take that next step, then he stomps all over it!!! Does anybody realize how hard it's going to be for someone who has actually earned the right to get her to commit now?? Take how she was before and multiply that by about one hundred. He's a freaking jerk.

As far as I'm concerned I haven't seen enough of Ben aka Shadow to really make a judgement call on weither or not they'll be a good thing. Though as he said lust does burn between them (well he said something like that :P)

Now, for Riley. I love her to death, she's awsome, strong, confidant... something I LOVE to see in a female main character. I'm so, so, so, sick and tired of these female characters who end up needing someone to come in and save them, or run and scream and all that other bs you see happening. I also hate to see female character who get horribly hung up on the sexual side of things. It sucks that she can't seem to catch a break, she loves Quinn and he uses her, betrays her trust, LIES to her and CONTROLS her, all unforgivable sins (though some deep dark part of me wants to...) then there is Kellen who seems to be, possibly, the "one" and he turns around only to go all Alpha wolf on her, IE "I can't protect you so I can't be with you..." Don't make me sick, Riley needs some one who can help her, or at the very least be waiting at home for her when she gets there, she can protect herself but as she said, if Quinn had been up on that roof with her she might not have been shot at all... I personaly think her growing powers are awsome but her fears are well founded. I'd freak out too if I suddenly changed into a bird or started seeing "dead people" hello sixth sense anybody? I can see the change in her, her slow slippery slide down the path of the gaurdian. But it doesn't bother me, she is simply growing into the person who she was always ment to be.

Liander and Rhoan are two of my most favorite people in the entire book. I'd also like to note the fact the though gay, Rhoan is anything but a fairy. He totally kicks butt! Liander is just soooo cute, he has an awsome job and puts up with way more from Rhoan than I would probably put up with from my own husband.

Anyways I guess I've taken up enough room as for now. I'd really like to hear what everyone else thinks. I'm also and an avid writer I've been writing since the sixth grade so that puts me at right about eleven or twelve, unfortunatly ever since I enlisted in the Air Force it has been like something is missing, the best I can describe it as is "the spark" it makes me sad, One major goal my whole life has been to be a published writer. But it's like the sparkles gone out of my writing... Anyone have any suggestions or even understand what I'm talking about?

How well hope to hear from the rest of you

-The Enforcer