I'm getting nosy with Donetta Loya, author of "Darla's Decision" today. Heh heh. Sometimes these guests get downright nosy back!

If you love good wholesome romance, ranchers, mischief, and faith all rolled up in one book, then come over and visit us. Here's the blurb to "Darla's Decision":

Can God speak to you through a dream? Is there a plan for our life or is it all happening by chance? Darla Thompson is a young woman of faith, trying to make the right choice for her future. Her deepest desire is to please God and to achieve her heart's dream of being a wife and mother. But how does she discern between her own desire and God's choice? Darla is determined to put aside her feelings for her childhood crush and move forward. She discovers several young men have been vying for her attention and she hadn't noticed-until now. But whom should she choose? The pesky rancher and brother of her old infatuation, the quiet-spoken mercantile owner with his strong faith, the handsome preacher, or the suave college graduate who returned to their small town with the purpose to marry Darla? Darla's faith will be tested as she tries to discover God's will for her life. Will she make the right choice?

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