As I sit here at lunch time (just about to enjoy somehomemade soup) I’m watching Dinner Date. This lovely young woman is sostressed out with her cooking, that she’s unable to appreciate the hunkyfireman before her. She feels bad – but her cooking is on her mind. They lookreally good together and I’m hoping that she makes a bit of eye contact withhim soon and that they get to enjoy a better first date.
So it got me thinking about first dates and how wrong theycan go. Even with the right person. I once made arrangements to meet a guy;totally forgetting that I was going out with friends. I had no way ofcontacting him to rearrange, so I left a hastily scribbled note stuck to myfront door, to greet him when he arrived. I told myself that if things were “meantto be” then he would understand. I really didn’t want to be one of those girlswho ditched her friends for a guy.
Luckily for me, he did understand and the crazy man not onlyarranged another date with me, but eventually married me.
So, I’d love to know; how did your first date go?