Thanks to Alex at Lesbian Fiction Reviews for the great review of book 2 in the Sturdy Accountant Series, Dirty Little Lies

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The story of Contessa and Alyce continues in Dirty Little Lies...

After moving in with Alyce, Contessa’s past catches up with her. Framed for a crime she didn't commit, her first instinct is to run even if it takes her away from the woman she loves. When Alyce confronts her and begs her to stay, she must learn to trust her lover or risk losing Alyce forever.

Alyce can’t say she’s too surprised Contessa has secrets – after all she never believed this beautiful woman was meant to be a stripper anyway. But can she get Contessa off the hook for past crimes, or will a nice long prison sentence come between them? And will Contessa’s big secret push them apart or pull them closer together?