Hey, I'm an old member who's just coming back. My pen name's Olive K King (I just barely picked it so I'm open to suggestions on the pen name). I'm a lawyer in TN who stopped writing when I went to law school and am just getting back into it. I'm using a pen name just in case the good ol' boy stiffs in my profession decide to hold romance writing against me in the hiring process

I write urban fantasy, everything from vampires to wereanimals to gods. All of my stories are character driven and have some romance at different levels of heat. My style is about the same type as Laurel K Hamilton (early Anita Blake), Jim Butcher, and Kim Harrison.

I have four books written that need to be cleaned up, a ton of books I started and haven't gone back too, and a few short stories. I'm here to network with other writers, get critiqued, and figure out how to market my stuff online so I can get some of my more polished work out there.

So, any advice? I'm all ears. Tell me where to post stuff to get people to read it, how to hook readers, whatever, and I'll do the same for you. Ask me questions, I'm an open book (pun intended)

I've got one story that won an honorable mention in the L Ron Hubbards Writer's of the Future Contest, so that one has been edited to where I literally can't change, trim, or tweak anything else and I'd like to get out to the public before I find something else on it to "fix." Everything else has to be worked on because I'm a writer and nothing's ever really done being edited.