Hello Everyone!
Thank you so much for stopping in for tips, tools, and writing prompts. Each weekday I am going to post a new writing prompt and I challenge you to write 500. If you would like to add 500 to something you currently are working on that’s wonderful, but if you just want to free write please feel free to use the prompts. If you want to share your words here, we’d love to see them. The reasons for the writing prompts are to help you exercise your creative brain muscles. The more you use you “muse” the easier ideas will flow. I am a working mother of two elementary aged kids. I have a husband who travels for his job so I’m a single mom five days a week. I attend college on line and I’ve managed to earn an amazing GPA (only because I study my butt off). Everything that you want in life you can have, but you have to be willing to go out and get it. Time management is an important tool for anyone looking to improve the quality of his or her life. We are going to start on Monday with looking at how to pick a weekly calendar that works for you and how to use it effectively. Here’s the tentative schedule.
9-9: Picking a calendar tracking option that works for you and how you can use this effectively. This week you’ll just keep track of what you do with your time. We’ll start using our new calendars on 9-16.
9-10: Time wasters, what are they and how we can use them as incentives instead of letting them use us.
9-11: Tips for making social networking work for you and not against you marketing quickly free to people who want your product/stories.
9-12: How you can be a lifelong student free and build your general knowledge. MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) how you can find them and use them to improve your writing and your life.
9-13: Technology and you…Here is a list of apps and programs to make your life easier without complicating it.
The weekend…try to write 1000 words each day.
9-16: How to design your calendar based on what you learned about yourself last week.
9-17: How you can avoid fixating on the wrong stuff and focusing on what will move you forward to achieve your goals.
9-18: Evaluate your calendar and tweak what isn’t working for you.
9-19: Organizing your life in baby steps…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
9-20: live chat night (7 PM Central /Chicago Time) with prizes, come, share what worked, and ask any final questions.
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