This is a bit of a repeat. I covered many apps and one computer program on Wednesday, but I didn’t focus on what you might already have on your computer waiting for you. If you use email, and if you’re here, my guess is that you do, you have a calendar app. I will warn you that Gmail doesn’t have a very secure calendar. Spammers have messaged me using my Gmail calendar on my personal email and the professional pay-for Gmail email used at my day job. I have a lot of love for goggle mail because of the way the calendar works and the great way the doc feature works to share your work with co writers and beta readers. Outlook aka Hotmail aka Live mail all have calendar features too. Yahoo has a very nice calendar. You can use windows media player to make your own book trailers. If you want, the video to be brief Animoto is a great way to make them easy and import quickly to YouTube. http://animoto.com/.
If you have a great program or app, you’d like to suggest please post it here.
You looked at apps earlier in the week. Take time to evaluate what you’re using and see what work and what doesn’t. You should’ve been keeping track of what you were doing all week. Friday is a good day to take stock of what you tried this week and what you did this week. Monday we’ll work on making a schedule that works for you.
For the weekend, I challenge you to write 1000 words on Saturday and 1000 on Sunday! Check back for a new post on Monday.
500 word challenge!
To some of us 500 words sound like a breeze, but some days 500 words can feel like a mountain you have to climb. Writing is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. No matter what is going on in your life, I hope you’ll accept my 500-word challenge. They can be on a current work-in-progress, but if you don’t have anything specific you can start with my three word prompt. Write a paragraph or two that is at least 500 words using three preselected words…now you only have 497 to go!
The words for 9-13 are vampire, witch, and werewolf. Let your imagination flow from these or add 500 to what you are writing now.