What the heck is a MOOC? Massive Online Open Courses are free college level education for people who are interested in learning. In most cases, these arenít good for certifications or college credits, but it is free education. I do believe some of the Kaplan courses may be eligible for credits with Kaplan University. https://kapx.kaplan.com/ If you have a love of learning, you should consider looking for a MOOC. These are usually a few weeks long and require no travel. Use that hour you spend watching kittens on YouTube learning about history, creative writing, or advanced robotics. The sky is the limit. Does your protagonist have a working knowledge of molecular biology? Now you can too.
You might wonder what MOOC has to do with time management. Taking time to grow is valuable. Spending time expanding your knowledge is worth a block of your schedule.
Iím an online student. Iíve been attending classes since August 2012. Iím taking a MOOC along with my normal classes because Iím a glutton for punishmentÖjust kidding. I was so excited when I saw this class.
This is a link to a Walking Dead MOOC. Professors will be addressing real world principles that might influence a zombie apocalypse. How could I resist? If youíve read book one of my Doníts of Zombie Hunting erotic series with Changeling Press youíll see the connection. I currently work in education for the day job so I have been interested in MOOC for a few years. This is my first taste and I hope youíll join me. Taking advantage of free resources to improve your skills or market your work is a valuable life enhancer.
Here are some great links. https://www.coursera.org/ http://webcast.berkeley.edu/series.html#c,s
When someone asks you what you learned in the forum, say you learned how to go to Yale free!
500 word challenge!
To some of us 500 words sound like a breeze, but some days 500 words can feel like a mountain you have to climb. Writing is a muscle. If you donít use it, you lose it. No matter what is going on in your life, I hope youíll accept my 500-word challenge. They can be on a current work-in-progress, but if you donít have anything specific you can start with my three word prompt. Write a paragraph or two that is at least 500 words using three preselected wordsÖnow you only have 497 to go!
The words for 9-12 are bounce, bite, and break. Let your imagination flow from these or add 500 to what you are writing now.