This is a tough week. We’ll be doing a bit of soul searching. When I decided to get more organized, I realized that I’d wasted what probably amounted to years doing nothing important. I hope you’ll find this helpful. We’ll use the sample day from last week for analysis.
Go to work 8:30 am
15 minute break 11 am
Lunch 1 pm
15 minute break 3 pm
Arrive home at 6 pm
Check Facebook and twitter feeds 6-6:18 pm
Feed pets at 6:18 pm
Make supper 6:20 pm
Eat 6:45 pm
Work on homework with kids at 7 pm
Take walk 7:30 pm
Get kids ready for bed at 8 pm
Watch TV and play Candy Crush 8:00 pm until 10:20 PM
Get ready for bed and go to sleep 10:30 pm
Looking at this list, we can all agree some things have to be done. The day job, caring for the kids, and feeding the pets are all keepers. Here is a list of writing opportunities.
  1. Writing before work can be wonderful because your mind is at its freshest.
  2. Writing on the 1st 15 minute break at the day job.
  3. Writing on lunch break offers thirty minutes of creative time.
  4. Writing on the 2nd 15 minute break can add to your word count.
  5. Split the Facebook/Twitter time and add an extra 10 minutes of writing.
  6. Use any or all of the TV/game time for writing.
  7. Take a few minutes each night before bed to write.

I know many people who see this will think I’m crazy. Most of us think of spending many consecutive hours at the computer to write, but you can train yourself to pick up your story with limited time. Smart phones are great for keeping track of where you left off. I’ll email my last paragraph to myself. I use an app to write and then email it to myself. Free write and create content because you can always go back and make it shine as long as you have it. You certainly don’t have to take advantage of all 7 ways to add writing to your schedule, but even adding one will give you an amazing boost to your weekly word count.
When you make out your schedule make sure to keep a notes section. Write what worked and what didn’t. This works a bit as a food journal works when you diet. You become accountable to yourself.
500 word challenge!
To some of us 500 words sound like a breeze, but some days 500 words can feel like a mountain you have to climb. Writing is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. No matter what is going on in your life, I hope you’ll accept my 500-word challenge. They can be on a current work-in-progress, but if you don’t have anything specific you can start with my three word prompt. Write a paragraph or two that is at least 500 words using three preselected words…now you only have 497 to go!
The words for 9-16 are laugh, rain, and joyous. Let your imagination flow from these or add 500 to what you are writing now.