9-17: Avoid concentrating on the wrong stuff and focusing on what will move you forward to achieve your goals.
It can be easy to look at another author and feel as if you aren’t as good as they are because they have written more books or have a better sales rank. That kind of thinking is destructive to your muse. Don’t let yourself focus on what you aren’t doing and look at what you can do.
Your time is too precious to waste on frustration. When I start feeling doubtful about myself, I look ahead instead of behind. Planning my next book or refocusing on marketing help me get out of the slump and maintain my momentum. If you feel badly about sales just try a new promo technique to improve them. Here is a list of things I suggest.
Post one attention catching post about your book in a new Facebook or Google+ group.
Give away a book on Goodreads.
Trade blog posts with new people.
Start a weekly feature on your Facebook author page.
Offer a physical gift item in a contest on your blog.
Give away the first book of your series in a one-day promotion.
Call your local radio station or newspaper to see if they’d interview you about your book.
Have a book signing at your local library or small bookstore.
If you have a suggestion please share it with us.
500 word challenge!
To some of us 500 words sound like a breeze, but some days 500 words can feel like a mountain you have to climb. Writing is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. No matter what is going on in your life, I hope you’ll accept my 500-word challenge. They can be on a current work-in-progress, but if you don’t have anything specific you can start with my three word prompt. Write a paragraph or two that is at least 500 words using three preselected words…now you only have 497 to go!
The words for 9-17 are roses, darkness, and clouds. Let your imagination flow from these or add 500 to what you are writing now.