Greetings folks!
My name is Shauna, and I'm brand new to the group. I've been reading romance, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and science fiction for decades, and I just published my first novella, "Werewolves in the Kitchen", through Jupiter Gardens Press in their "Wild Shifters" anthology I have more fiction and nonfiction coming out soon. It's great to get published after so many years writing!

Most of my published work is in the area of Pagan/metaphysical work on skills for leadership, community building, ritual facilitation, dreamwork, and similar topics. I've been writing articles and teaching for several years and I've built up a pretty solid reputation/platform for that audience.

On that note--if anyone has fiction that appeals specifically to a Pagan audience, I might be interested in doing some reviews. I'd also be interested in talking to authors who are Pagan, or who have also published Pagan/metaphysical writing, as we'd probably do well cross promoting each other's work. I could fit a few interviews with Pagan authors on my Pagan-focused blog, or possibly a blog-swap, depending on what topics of mutual interest we have.

I have one blog/FB page geared toward the Pagan/Metaphysical/Personal growth audience, and one blog/FB page geared more for my fiction and fantasy artwork.

I'm interested in opportunities for guest blogging or interviews, possibly for blog swaps. I'm still wrapping my brain around the blog hops thing

I'm still working on my actual web site--which is kind of a sad "Cobbler has no shoes" thing, given that I used to be a professional web designer--but I have info up on a few blogs, and will have real content in a couple of weeks. Right now I'm touring teaching classes at Pagan festivals from Ohio to New York, so it'll have to keep til I'm back home.

Pagan/Metaphysical/Personal Growth:

Eventually I plan to finish/publish a lot of the urban fantasy and epic fantasy that I've been writing for the past decades, but right now it's the paranormal romance pieces that the muse is driving me to finish. I might have a space opera/romance or three in me too.

My favorite romance authors of late are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Emma Holly, Karen Marie Moning, and Angela Knight. Some of my favorite fantasy authors are Anne McCaffrey, Katherine Kurtz, Janny Wurts, David Eddings, Stephen R. Donaldson, Mercedes Lackey, Katherine Kerr, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Charles de Lint.

Pleased to meet you all!