Okay, I thought I'd touch base with all of you. I am still moving in LOL, stuff happens. And, I'm visiting my BFF Bev Haynes in Wyoming and we are having such a wonderful time together. We haven't see each other since 1997 when I lived in Florida. So, it is wonderful to be spending time with her.
Bev is an author as well and we have been brainstorming books and what a blast. We first met on the internet back in 1995 at the Romantic Times Chat room ( I hope we remembered the name right LOL). Being on the net and trying to chat was a lot different back then, boy has the net grown and developed.
Anyway, I wanted to let you all know to keep an eye out because I'm going to be coming out with some wonderful new releases this fall
BTW, take a look at my cute new website: http://authors.coffeetimeromance.com/jeweladams/
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