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    Fun, made some changes and it looks almost seamless as you click on the nav tabs. Thanks for the advice.
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    Great job, Leslie, that looks like a much stronger connection so that your blog traffic will go visit your website. I'm glad it wasn't hard to add the tab in the navigation bar - I wasn't sure if being on the two different platforms would be an issue. I think you're all set then - no need to hire someone to switch it over to the same platform as long as you are able to have those navigation bar tabs on each site, and the sidebar and About Me tab also gets them there. One more thing you might want to do is get your Facebook and Twitter follow buttons up higher on both the blog and website as you have to scroll down to look for them on the blog and I didn't see them on the website.
    Stacy Juba
    Mysteries, Romance and Children's Books
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    Oh and yes, there are other lessons - 1-2 lessons every day through Oct. 11. I posted Lessons 2 about Syndication last night - other lessons will focus on topics such as blog content and using guest bloggers, contests, Triberr, blog hops and blog tour companies, turning your blog into a book, and using affiliate links.
    Stacy Juba
    Mysteries, Romance and Children's Books
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    Hi Stacy, Security is always a worry of mine since I'm my own webmistress. I'm glad for the links to check my sites. Also, my website has my blog listed in the Nav bar. My WP blog's Nav doesn't list my website. That's an itsy bitsy link is in the sidebar. I'll work on that.
    Thanks for this info.
    Mickie Sherwood
    ~~Sweet,spicy romance – a heartbeat away~~

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    Thanks for joining us, Mickie! You might want to make some of the changes I suggested to Leslie, such as having a cover high in the sidebar that highlights what your website offers, and have a link and mention of it in the welcome. If you can get a tab in the navigation bar, that is always helpful. Regarding security, there are some other plugs in you can get like Limit Log In Attempts and Wordfence. It is shocking when you see how many hackers or bots are trying to hack you on a daily basis. If you ever get hacked with malware, Sucuri is a good resource to bail you out. They will look into it immediately and were very easy to work with. If you find security is becoming an issue and you want to take even more precautions, you can also pay them something like $89 per year and they will check your site daily and fix it if they find anything.

    If your site is ever acting strangely run it through those links I gave and it will tell you if there is malware.
    Stacy Juba
    Mysteries, Romance and Children's Books
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