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Christmas Hearts

After spending two years in Wyoming, Cade Weston is eager to return to his familyís ranch to celebrate the Christmas holiday. But fate intervenes in the form of a tortured soulóNicole. Her guardian has abused her, leaving Cade with little choice but to pay for her freedom and take her with him. Holed up with her in a Denver hotel, a feeling hints he wants more from her than a thank you for having helped her. Problem is she doesnít return the feeling.

Nicole Lamar has spent the past six months dreaming of freedom. Savannah, with its warmth and sunshine, beckons. Now that Cade has rescued her from an evil proprietor, that freedom is within reach. But when the handsome cowboy proves heís the owner of a Christmas Heart, a life without him suddenly isnít so desirable. Before she can approach him about the matter, he purchases a ticket for her on an eastbound train. And one for himself on a southbound train.

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