Okay, so you've published your blog post. Hopefully it feeds through Twitter, Facebook, and some other sites like Goodreads and Amazon. How else do you promote it?

Having share buttons on your blog post are essential so others can easily share for you.In addition to this, I schedule several shares of each post on Twitter. I might write a couple different tweets and vary the hashtags. I'll also make a point to share the post on Facebook.
I'll share posts on my various Pinterest boards - such as Must Read Books, Beach Reads, Character Crossroads, Books for RealityTV Fans, etc. http://pinterest.com/stacyjuba/

Triberr is another way to really get your blog posts out into the Twitter verse. Without Triberr, I would have cut down on blogging long ago. http://triberr.com/

If you haven't heard of Triberr before, it's basically a community of bloggers. There are many tribes devoted to different topics and you'll find plenty of book-related tribes. You can search for tribes and then follow any that you're interested in joining. Leave a message on the tribe's wall indicating that you're following and perhaps you might get promoted to a member. You can also ask around in your writer groups as to whether anyone has a Triberr opening. In addition, you can create your own tribes and invite people to join.

Once you add your blog RSS feed, every blog post you publish will feed through the stream of each tribe that you belong to which means that now your tribe members have the option to hit the approve button and send your post into their Twitter stream. Hopefully your tribemates are checking in regularly and you'll receive a lot of shares on Twitter.

But here's the thing. You need to reciprocate by checking in daily, or every couple days. You don't necessarily have to share every single post, but you should find a lot of good things to share.

If you decide Triberr or a certain tribe isn't for you, then the responsible thing to do is drop out and remove your blog RSS feed.

You can stagger how often you share tribe members' posts on Twitter. i.e. if you approve 100 posts, don't worry, you won't be spamming your Twitter followers with 100 posts at once. It will be spread out.

Some people love Triberr and some don't, but if you have a blog, it's definitely worth checking out.

Here are a couple of helpful articles:

If you'd like an invitation to one of my tribes, please leave me your email address and I can send you an invite. If you decide it's not for you though, just please take the time to drop out as I hate having to remove people.

Does anyone else have openings in their tribe or have positive or negative experience with Triberr?