Have you ever thought about turning youor blog into a book? That's what I did for my essay anthology 25 Years in the Rearview Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back. I didn't plan it that way, though.

Initially, I was just trying to find fresh blog content so I invited author friends to write about what they or their characters were doing 25 years ago. This was a direct tie-in to my mystery book Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, which is about a newspaper editorial assistant who stumbles across a 25 year old murder on the microfilm. I collected dozens of these essays. Most of the authors commented on how this was such a unique blog post and interesting to write.

Eventually, I decided to compile them into a book. I divided them into categories such as careers, school days, family, the writing journey, hard times and romance. I sent an email to all of the authors asking for permission to republish their essay in exchange for promotion. I asked some of them to flesh out their article. In addition, I solicited some new essays as I wanted to make it an even 52 authors included in the book. (the reverse of the magic number 25)

I wrote some of my own essays for the book and I invited bestselling author Elaine Raco Chase to write a foreword. I wound up deleting all the old essays off my blog which may have been drastic, but I didn't want material from the book to be freely available online due to the terms of service at various retailers. The blog posts served me well at the time, but now they would be seen again in this new format.

The authors all helped to promote the release and we even did a blog tour. Right now, the book is available perma-free, if you'd like to check it out.

(If you enjoy it, we'd appreciate it if you could leave a review at the retailers that you download it from.)

You can check out our blog tour stops on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/stacyjuba/25-ye...ror-blog-tour/

Why did I go to all the trouble of creating a book from these guest blog posts? Well, since it ties into the theme of Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, it raises the visibility of that book. I hope that the contributing authors have also found some new readers due to its publication. If you don't want to publish your e-book at retailers and make a big thing of it, another option is offering the e-book as a free incentive to your newsletter or blog subscribers. I will be doing the latter with posts from this guest blog topic if you would like to participate: http://stacyjuba.com/blog/guest-blog-guidelines/

Are there any book opportunities in your blog?