This is my favorite time of day. I'm not very awake yet, only just starting my first cup of coffee, but it's so quiet, so peaceful--just the computer for company. Even Charlie is still sleeping. (Charlie is my big ole boxer) I used to use this time for writing, now I like to just enjoy the peace.

My group here is supposed to be for promotions, but I like to come here and spend time reading the other posts and see what everyone else is up to. And I use it to clear my thoughts. When I first stagger from bed and put on the coffee, I'm not very coherent, so any writing I'd do would closely resemble this post. A rambling sort of mess, which of course would mean rewriting it all once my my jumbled thoughts were all in working order again.

Darn, everyone is beginning to come alive--my peaceful interlude is shattered. Oh, well. I guess I should post something that resembles a piece of professional writing. Here's a little bleep from one of my newest works:

Night Terror

Marti rubbed her arms, tiny shivers making the hair stand on end. Walking across the room she stared out at the dark street. There was a storm brewing. She could feel it. Fear caused the shivers to increase, but she knew it wasn’t the storm. The dark outline of a man still stood in the shadow of the streetlight. She’d hoped it was her imagination, but it was Daniel. She could feel it as strongly as she could sense the storm coming. Why was he just standing there? Why not make his move?

She’d already checked the locks on the doors and windows, but knew they offered little protection. Going to the desk across the room, she removed the loaded pistol from the top drawer. She’d loaded the gun earlier, but checked it again, her hands trembling. The sound of thunder rumbled sullenly and the wind picked up, rattling the old loose shutter that she’d put off fixing. It was too late now, just as it was too late to run. Besides she was tired of running, tired of constantly looking over her shoulder. She’d end it tonight. Come on, Daniel. What are you waiting for? Come for me.

She looked out the window again. The leaves on the trees danced crazily in the wind. He was gone. Dread moved its icy fingers down her spine. She listened intently, blocking out the sounds of the coming storm. Would he break a window or just smash the door in? She tried to control the shivers. She needed to stay calm. She’d only get one chance and if she missed…she couldn’t even think that way. She wouldn’t miss.