Thanksgiving--a day for giving thanks, for gathering with family and friends, a day of good food and good times. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday growing up because it was the one day of the year when my entire family would be together. We still have family gatherings, but there so many just isn't the same.

The thing I love most about Thanksgiving now are the scents. The smell of roasting Turkey and pumpkin pie. Those scents take me back to a time when our very large family would gather for dinner, laughing, talking and yes, even the more than occasional family row. We were a loud and rowdy bunch who often disagreed, but loved one another fiercely.

One of the things I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving and every other day of the year is having grown up in such a family--a family filled with laughter, where opinions were expressed freely (even when unpopular) and love was given with a generous hand by all. I wish you all such happy times. Happy Thanksgiving... Elizabeth