It's a cold, dark Halloween night in New Orleans. Will Frank get a trick or a treat?

Hardnosed construction worker, Frank Hickman, has got to be hallucinating. Is the shimmering beauty in bed beside him a figment of his imagination? Or some warped Halloween prank pulled on him by his boys?

Azure Blackstone has been carjacked. Will Frank's realization come too late to save her?

...He stared at it, determined to dispute the woman’s face on his distorted screen. Huge round eyes seemed to ask his help. Her mouth worked soundlessly.

“What the—?” he declared aloud, hitting the END button.

That did the trick. The glow vanished as things returned to normal around him. Frank flopped on the bed fully clothed, too tired and confused to think about the event. He was just glad it was over.

He lapsed into a troubled sleep, one where he couldn’t decipher real from unreal.Those soft brown eyes, lingering in his dream state, lured him deeper into the depths until she took full form beside him. Frank twitched to gain his freedom. But, he couldn’t break loose from his semi-conscious state.

It was just no use.

He could only lay nose to nose with the seductress dressed in blue velvet now on his bed. She still talked to him. His rapidly batting eyes latched onto her luscious-looking lips. His attention jumped from her mouth to her eyes. Trying to disconnect was useless. So, his eyes finally closed, again, as he gave in to her will and lost himself in another realm.

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Azure's Premonition

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