Fierce sexy Scot warriors pledge to keep the peace during the turbulent times of the ninth century, when both Scot and Viking coveted Pictland for their own. But each warrior is destined to fall in love with a brave Pictish princess. The three royal cousins, determined to save their beloved land from the savage invaders, instead lose their hearts to their wild foreign warriors.

Book 1 - Her Savage Scot
Book 2 - Her Vengeful Scot
Book 3 - Her Defiant Scot

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday! Every week published and unpublished authors share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published book.

Today I'm going to share 7 paragraphs from Her Savage Scot, book 1 in my Highland Warrior Chronicles set in the ninth century. I don't have a release date for this book yet, but hopefully it will hit the cyber shelves before the end of the year :-)

She was aware he moved to her side. Far too close for propriety or comfort. Despite her good resolve, she shot him a glance, and saw the look of awe on his face as he stared at the repository of the entire heritage of her people.

“We have nothing to equal this in Dal Riada.” His voice was hushed. It was clear that, far from dismissing the learning of ages as some warriors did, he understood the magnificence of what she showed him.

“Perhaps when you’ve lived in the Highlands for more than a thousand years your people too will have something worth preserving.”

He caught her eye. Amusement glinted. “Is that a veiled insult, my lady?”

She hadn’t intended it as such, but now saw how it could have been received. And yet Connor had chosen not to take offense.

A silent sigh quivered through her heart. He was so easy to talk with. He made it so easy to forget this was simply his natural charm, and had nothing to do with him finding her desirable.

How tragic she still harbored the wish that he found her desirable.

Cover Reveal details coming soon!

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