Justin sipped his vodka and cranberry at the bar and scanned the room. He
bobbed his head and tapped his foot to the pounding music. The overhead lights ignited the
people on the dance floor in brilliant shades of purple, blue and red. Justin’s eyes moved from
face to face and rested on Tyler Kennedy. It wasn’t surprising. Tyler, outlandish and
uninhibited, demanded attention.

As if by some sort of mental telepathy, Tyler turned toward Justin, stopped, and cast an
inquisitive smile at him before resuming his full-body shimmy on the dance floor. Justin
continued to watch Tyler with curiosity. Tyler owned the room. With his tight leather pants that
barely covered his buttocks, his bare chest, and wild aerobatic dance moves, it was clear that
Tyler never blended into a crowd. He outshined everyone in it.

Tyler was boyish and clean shaven. His body was slim and petite, and he had a gorgeous
mane of light brown hair that cascaded just past his shoulders. His colorful personality
penetrated the air, and Justin found it intriguing and captivating and was unable to avert his eyes.
Tyler wasn’t Justin’s usual type at all. He preferred his boys somewhat shy and demure, but the
attraction was magnetic.

After Tyler finished spiraling to the song blaring from the sound system, he headed
directly toward Justin. “I saw you watching me,” he said, with a bright smile.

“I couldn’t help it. I’m surprised the whole place wasn’t watching you. You’re

Tyler stepped closer and hung his forearm over Justin’s shoulder. “Well, I think you’re
positively delicious!"