Law Breakers Lovers
Due in by December 15, 2013
Crimson Frost Books is seeking fast paced romances for our Law-Breaker Love Call. These stories will feature complex characters facing tough the search for love. We're looking for creative storytelling and original style and voice as the characters navigate the very real rules and laws they're breaking to find their HEA/HFN ending. These stories will contain in depth plots with multiple layers of conflict and emotion. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is welcome.
Your submission should include your full contact information on the first page of the manuscript : Legal name as well as pen name, phone number, email, website, and other places we can find you online and a 1-2 page marketing plan.
While we're looking to push the envelope, we are focusing on real sex laws which are on the books at the moment. We're looking for humorous or enticing twists to get around some of these laws.